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My Story

Josiah Jackson-Okesola is a licensed professional Nurse Clinician, multi-award-winning nurse innovator, extraordinary global nursing leader, media consultant, digital media broadcaster, mental health therapist, practising psychotherapist and public speaker with current international certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Immediate Life Support (ILS).



“JayJay-Prof” as he is popularly called is one the very few of his kind with a characteristic self driven attitude, relentless spirit towards his passion and exceptional innovative skills. 

Meeting him has widened my horizon as to how art combines well with science, and to see how limitless I can be with the power of innovation.

Obagun Joseph Eniola

Mr Josiah Jackson-Okesola is one of the most unique Nurses I have ever met. 

His resilience in transforming  nursing and nurses as well is highly admirable. 

I first met him when I had the opportunity to take part in the nursing talent hunt programme he organised in 2016/2017.  

Attending his very educative event and engaging brilliant facilitators, mentors and coaches at that event, I learnt new things and was able to develop innovative ideas for my career. 

Recently, I attended one of his sessions and the guidance I received to improve my personal and professional brand was extremely impactful. 

Josiah Jackson-Okesola is truly a digital nurse with a difference who is worth learning from any day!

Alice Stephen
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