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My name is Josiah Okesola. (My media name is Josiah Jackson-Okesola). I am a UK-licensed and practicing professional mental health nurse clinician, multi-award-winning nurse innovator, extraordinary global nursing leader and advocate, digital media broadcaster, nurse mentor and coach, and public speaker originally from Nigeria, West Africa.

Over the years, my undying passion for re-branding the battered image of the nursing profession in Africa drove me to orchestrate, convene and coordinate various nursing advocacy projects in conjunction with projects by the United Nations; World Heart Federation (WHF) and the Nursing Now Global Campaign. In recognition of my contribution in the field of nursing and health advocacy, I earned my first international award in 2013 from the highest global nursing body, the International Council of Nurses, Geneva, Switzerland.

"Jayjay", as I am fondly called by friends and colleagues, holds the advanced qualification of Masters Practitioner in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychotherapy; with expertise in Result Technologies, Hypnosis and Neurological Re-patterning for Addictive Habits. I have been certified as a Peer Health Educator by UNICEF; certified as a Marriage Mentor and Relationship Coach by The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA, USA); bagged International Award in Delivering Training from the London Professional Training Center; and also had a certification in Leadership & Management in Healthcare from Washington University.

In 2015, I went back to broadcasting school to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a professional Media Broadcaster & Journalist. On graduation from the Grajos Institute of Broadcasting, I took my passion for re-branding the image of Nursing to an unprecedented level, working with an outstanding team of highly talented but young nurses to establish “Nurses on Air”, the first ever nurse-led radio broadcasting and nursing advocacy hub in the history of Africa nursing.

I invented the African Nurses TV, a first of its kind online digital media storytelling innovation for showcasing and celebrating the work of African nurses.
His public speaking ability and digital media prowess has earned him unlimited appearances on national and international media featuring on radio, TV,, print media and international podcasts.

In 2014, I founded a non-profit health advocacy organization, Inspired Nurses Network Africa. Also founded, The African Nurse Network, both initiatives empowering nurses and midwives and driving support and investment in the nursing and healthcare professions.

In 2019, I led a team of tech and media savvy nurses to win the most prestigious national award in the field of healthcare - the highly revered Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Awards (NHEA) - 

As a result of my volunteering service in nursing advocacy and social impact, and unrelenting pursuit in raising the profile and status of nurses within Africa, I earn a global appointment to coordinate the Nursing Now Global Campaign for Nigeria.
Between 2018 and 2020, I led the international campaign by the World Health Organization & International Council of Nurses to plan and organize the celebration of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale in the year 2020 with the aim of raising the profile and status of nurses and midwives in Nigeria.

In January 2020, I received an international award from America’s foremost nurse-led media organization – The Truth About Nursing Decade Awards, an award which earned me a coveted seat in the organization’s leadership table, becoming the second African to be appointed as a member of the Advisory Panel for “The Truth About Nursing” U.S.A
In 2021, I awon a scholarship to study NursePreneurship and Innovation at Drexel University, U.S.A, helping me to reposition for a career transition into the tech innovation field.

Following a series of heartbreaking encounters as an immigrant after my relocation to the United Kingdom, I consolidated efforts towards flagging off an international media project that would support the career and life journeys of potential emigrants and newly arriving immigrants.
In 2022, I set up an international online radio/TV hub focused on providing psycho-social support for immigrants. The radio station is now broadcasting live online via

I am happily married to my best friend and lover, Queen Okesola, a UK-based Mental Health Nurse and Practice Educator, and we are blessed with kids aged 19, 17 and 12.
In December 2020, we both celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and are now working on diaspora-led project that is focused on leveraging digital technology to bridge knowledge and skill gaps back home in Africa.

Looking to establish a flourishing career in the tech field, I embarked on a career transition journey from full clinical and healthcare practice to the EdTech innovation field.
I am currently back in school, leveraging on my 22-year experience in the healthcare industry to pursue a MBA with Diploma in Education Management and Leadership at the London School of International Business.


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In this international interview, the Outcomes Rocket Nursing episode features Josiah Jackson-Okesola in an explosive and mind blowing conversation. Josiah explains the challenges of nurses and healthcare in Africa and what he and his team did to find solutions to the many problems they are facing. Leveraging the power of innovation and digital technology, Josiah founded Nurses on Air, helping change the perception of people on nurses.
Renegade Nurse
Nurses have tremendous power and influence, but so few have the conduit to release their potential to shape the way an institution supports them to care for and heal their patients. This is the problem that nurse Josiah Okesola is solving. Join him and the podcast hosts, Antra and Karen, as they explore how Josiah is answering the question and providing a voice to all nurses in his home country of Nigeria and beyond.

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