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20 years ago, while planning for a career pathway after nursing college, the biggest career question of my life popped up in my face: “Jayjay, what kind of future would you love to build with your nursing career?”
All through my years in college, I was very dissatisfied with the world of nursing I found myself especially with the numerous challenges encountered by the older generation of nurses who were ‘managing’ to make impact despite the stereotyped and traditional career pathways limiting the nursing profession in my country. 
Equipped with an higher understanding of the enormous power of Nursing, I was consumed with an unquenchable passion and burning zeal to explore the world outside the stereotyped career pathways being shoved at my face, reach my full potentials as an outstanding and extraordinary nurse who inspires thousands of nurses to do same.
Painfully, it took more than a decade and a half to successfully navigate and reach that exciting career pathway leading to the future for the nursing of my dreams. 
Through my career journey, I did not only suffer and struggle along a relatively unknown career path while exploring the field of nursing innovation, I drained over 15 years of my resourceful life on simply finding, discovering and advancing a new tribe known and explored by only a few in the African continent.
The last 5 years of my career has seen me rise to become one of the most outstanding nurse innovators of my generation in the African continent, disrupting the world of nursing and achieving exploits and breakthroughs in the field of digital media innovations. 
I had a dream….
I had a vision…
But still struggled to make a meaning of my career life until…
One day, I woke up to realise thatthe map was actually not the destination.”
I changed direction, navigated a new path, met some of the most outstanding role models, mentors and coaches in the world, stood on the shoulders of giants and the rest is now history.
Nursing is the most powerful profession in the world. Unfortunately, African nurses are yet to explore this power to their biggest advantage.
I am driven by an ultimate mission to inspire African nurses to rise up, rule their spaces, unleash the power of their profession and take their world by storm!
Unleash Your Nursing Power
What about you?
Are you still struggling with finding CLARITY, DIRECTION and PURPOSEFUL DESTINATION for your career journey?
Have you put 5, 10, 20, 30 years or more into Nursing but strongly feels you are getting less than what you are worth?
Do you burn with an intense desire to TRANSFORM your career journey and UNLEASH your power of Nursing but need expert guidance on how to go about it?
Starting from today July 1st, I will be offering 30 minutes FREE CAREER COACHING & CONSULTATION to 2 African nurses every week?
Is this what you really need right now?
My name is Josiah Jackson-Okesola 
I am your new Career Transformation Coach.
N.B – This offer is NOT for STUDENT NURSES. If you are a student and you think you really need this, kindly reach out to me via my inbox and I will recommend a few outstanding Nurse Coaches and Mentors you must speak with.

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