Obagun Joseph Eniola

Mental Health Nurse, Nigeria

“JayJay-Prof” as he is popularly called is one the very few of his kind with a characteristic self driven attitude, relentless spirit towards his passion and exceptional innovative skills. 

Meeting him has widened my horizon as to how art combines well with science, and to see how limitless I can be with the power of innovation.

Alice Stephen

RN | BNSC | Coach, UK

Mr Josiah Jackson-Okesola is one of the most unique Nurses I have ever met. 

His resilience in transforming  nursing and nurses as well is highly admirable. 

I first met him when I had the opportunity to take part in the nursing talent hunt programme he organised in 2016/2017.  

Attending his very educative event and engaging brilliant facilitators, mentors and coaches at that event, I learnt new things and was able to develop innovative ideas for my career. 

Recently, I attended one of his sessions and the guidance I received to improve my personal and professional brand was extremely impactful. 

Josiah Jackson-Okesola is truly a digital nurse with a difference who is worth learning from any day!

ADETUNJI Oluseye Adetayo


My mentoring and coaching encounter with Mr. Josiah Jackson-Okesola dates back to my days as student. 

Being mentored and coached by him prepared me for becoming an asset at the different organizations, both in the clinical field where I was rewarded with many leadership opportunities as well as excelling in the academic field as a lecturer in one of the prestigious private universities in Nigeria. 

His passion for bringing out the best in younger professionals is second to none. 

My success story will not be complete without the indelible influence of Mr. Josiah Jackson-Okesola.

Bukola Sharon Ayo

Final year Nursing student, Lagos State University

Jay Jay Prof is an extraordinary nurse and my super amazing mentor. 

I’m privileged to be under his mentorship and it’s been an informative and transformative journey so far. 

As a young nursing student with big aspirations, unsure about what the future holds and seeking ways to integrate passion into profession, I reached out daringly, and his reception, moreso to young heads like me in the profession is not spoken of enough. 

Here I am with the privilege of coming under his counsel and tutelage and it’s been a radical process so far. The future holds so much more and I can only anticipate. 

Out of his busy schedule, he takes hours from time to time to walk the talk with me on my career aspirations and visions. I’ve learned to introspect, identify my values and what it is I have to give out there. 

If there’s one thing JayJay Prof emphasizes on, it’s ingenuity/ talent/ creativity. 

The problem may be the professional system in this part of the world but he is a living proof to establishing a career beyond boundaries in the nursing profession. 

This is my relating energy, my connecting bond and my inspiration build-up for my aspirations. 

Jay Jay Prof redefined nursing, reoriented professional values, and showed me that I too can write my narrative. 

In his words “Look for The Extra that stands you out as a Nurse”. Nursing is business like he would always say, and anything lasting must come in the progression of Influence >> Impact >> Income. 

I’m currently wrapping up my professional program, ready to unleash and reach the height of my aspirations syncing talent into my professional path!”

Kenechukwu Paul (Kessy Paul)

Mental Health Nurse | YouTuber | OAP

I met JayJay sometime in 2017 and that meeting changed my life forever. I have always wanted to do a different kind of nursing or be a different kind of Nurse. 

Meeting JayJay helped rejuvenate my passion and gave me a direction I really needed to go. 

His Nurses On Air platform was a place I realized how much I want to speak and educate people away from the hospital. After that encounter I went back to my base in Kebbi state and was knocking at the doors of all the radio stations to give me airtime. 

Airtime was not coming forth due to the price n nothing is free but Jayjay kept encouraging me until 2019 I walked into another radio station and they gave me a chance. 

I become the host of health matters a weekly health program, I also became the host of pidgin sports review which I did every weekend then I co hosted other programs. 2019 was the beginning of new things as I felt so complete thanks to meeting with Jayjay prof. 

Today I also have a YouTube channel where I continue educating people on health issues. 

I can never say thanks to Jayjay for waking me up and giving me the first platform to express myself JayJayprof, you are simply the best!

Olajumoke Yemitan

NHS, United Kingdom

My name is Olajumoke Yemitan, I have being a nurse for about 7 years now and currently work as a staff nurse in one of the NHS trusts in London. 

I met Jayjay when I was in nursing school and what made me interested in getting to know him was his burning passion for nursing , health education and outreach and yearnings to support and mentor young nurses and student nurses. 

I was inspired to get involved in volunteering, health outreaches and public health education. 

Volunteering is one of the things I learnt from Jayjay that has impacted my life positively, I went on to volunteer for other non-nursing organisations for years and also got involved in public health education. 

I have being able to support other nurses(young and old) in various capacities just as I had been supported by this amazing nurse and continue to do so in hope that we continue to pass this on and nurses can learn to support and mentor colleagues and students throughout our careers

Idris Abdul Ahmed

Registered Nurse, Nigeria.

Jayjay has truly made a positive footprint in my life as regard my career ambitions and personal development. 

One of the most significant mentoring sessions I had with him was the one in which he asked me two questions that kept me awake and thinking for days. 

(1). Do you have a plan? (2). Have you written them down? 

My answer to the first was Yes and to the later was a No. 

He told me to write them down immediately, which I did. 

He keeps me on when I am dwindling and he always check up on me to see how far I have gone as regard my plans. 

He registered me for an online workshop without me paying anything. I have gained a lot from the workshop. 

Early this year, he told me some striking words “Idris, you must GO GLOBAL this year” and that was the force that propelled me to began the process of becoming a UK registered Nurse. 

I am presently preparing for my IELTS, processing my passport. 

I am deeply grateful for his inspiration and impactful guidance.”

Sunday D. Obembe

RN | Website Designer | Data Analyst

I met JayJay Prof as far back as 2018 and that was one of the best things to have ever happened to me. 

He is someone passionate about changing the state of Nursing in Nigeria, passionate about Nursing Innovations and mentoring, and always eager to make sure people around him have the right mentorship to explore their full potentials. 

Spending just 30 minutes with him couple of weeks ago, I was able to have a clearer picture of the issue I was facing and the solution. Thank you, JayJay,. You’re one in a million!

Adewale Adelekan

RN, RPN(Nig), RMN (UK)

Mr. Okesola Josiah Jackson is a dynamic, selfless, ambitious, talented, experienced, goal directed and result oriented mentor. 

I met him at the early stages of my career and his impact on my progress became so pronounced leading up to me becoming the President of an academic club in nursing school. 

His tutelage and mentorship continued even after nursing school as he involved me in almost all his programmes, making me learn his excellent leadership qualities, thus, helping me become who I am today. 

A key aspect of his influence on my career is his availability anytime I need him to help in any capacity. What more could I have asked for? 

Jay Jay is an absolute blessing to me and an asset to this great nursing profession.