Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

Are you longing to permanently break free from the pain and frustration that is holding you back from crushing your limiting boundaries, and achieving the true success you deserve as a Nurse or Midwife in form of global relevance, impact, influence and income?

Hello Nurses and Midwives!

It is no longer news that the impact of the Covid-19 has taken its huge toll on many us and made matters worse so much that many of us now feel so psychologically and emotionally tired, drained and burnout.

Many Nurses and Midwives currently experience unusual feeling of void and emptiness so much their instincts keep telling them something huge is missing, but they still struggle to figure it all out.

Maybe you are one of those who feel compelled to switch to something new and more exciting than Nursing but are scared at that thought of needing to quit the current path you are on and creating that new life and far better future that you truly deserve.

Do you have a strong, compelling feeling that you deserve far more than you are getting out of the nursing/midwifery profession right now, but are dead scared so much that you don’t have inner power to dare, reach out for more and pursue your biggest dreams?


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My name is Josiah Jackson -Okesola

During a time in my career, I was lost and clueless about what exactly I wanted to do with the future of my career as a Nurse.


Along the course of my career journey, I was not only overburdened with heavy emotional and psychological baggage that comes with practice nursing with so much compassion, I was constantly getting burnt out from the toll the profession takes on us as Nurses,

At another point, I did not only feel so undervalued, underrated, under-remunerated and underappreciated, I experienced recurring feeling of anger, frustration, disillusionment, with psychological and emotionally fatigue, and my future as a Nurse was making no sense hence, all I wanted to do was simply quit!

Over the last 22 years however, I have come to master the act of breaking all the limiting boundaries in my personal life and nursing career; going ahead to achieve unbelievable success in the field of nursing, healthcare, digital media innovation and beyond…

From my years of practicing as a mental health therapist, a Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and a Career Transformation Coach, I have come to realize that all the joyful, happy people that I have met have something in common – they know how to banish limiting thoughts and beliefs and take full control of their life. They know the deep feeling of personal success that letting go of stressful limiting beliefs can bring. They have been tempered to overcome the negative repercussions of limiting beliefs so they can move toward a life of deep joy and satisfaction.

They are FOCUSED on positive actions. They avoid getting stuck in routines that make them feel like a failure over and over. And because of this, they thrive and enjoy more options in their life.

And yet, so often when many of us in the nursing profession worry about being stuck in a rut, we give up the life we deserve because we think that is what the profession demand from us – forgetting about our own mental health in the course of caring for others.

Past failures of the government and employers to take care of our real needs have hurt so of us so badly.

And for others, the negative thoughts about what the profession demands from them have made it hard for them to take a chance on something different.

It seems that, as Nurses and Midwives, we don’t understand how we’re supposed to take control of our INNER POWER, combine that with our power as Nurses and ho ahead to create our own unique success.

After all, no one teaches us that in Nursing school!

Alas! I have BIG NEWS for you!


Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

If you ready to learn to how to build the life you know you DESERVE as Nurse or Midwife born for greatness

If you want to stop wondering when the hurt will stop and go ahead to create and enjoy the TRANFORMATION that you deserve
To figure out how to let go of the inner struggles that hold you back
To put the past in the past and move forward to a new path without these daunting challenges

And to dare to hope for a far more brighter future than the one staring you in the face


Do you believe that you can start moving forward toward your deepest dreams, goals and aspiration again?

Do you have faith that, even though you might be stuck in routines that contribute to your lack of personal or career success now, you can bring true excitement back to your life?

And…do you know HOW to get past the challenges of the limiting beliefs holding you down but which you do not even know exist at all?

Ask yourself…

From the time we’re young, long before we became Nurses, we’re implanted with false ideas about what we can – or can’t – do. We think that success is just for those born into money or having certain talents. Then we became Nurses and things got worse…

False ideas like these:

It’s all a big, fat lie.

Deep down within us, many of us desperately want to re-discover the freedom we deserve. We need to break through the boring routines that have kept us stuck in our pain.

Many of us just want to figure out why we’ve lost so much value as a healthcare professional and simply wish we can get our future back.

There is no better time to break free than now!

The most difficult job in the world right now is NURSING…

And we must stop letting anything or anyone stand in our way of taking back the freedom we truly deserve.

We can’t let the challenges of our past stop us from moving forward.

But we don’t know how.

We’re held back by myths and routines.

But what if there were a solution?

A way to break out of our pain, understand how to leave the past in the past, know how wonderful we really are, keep the hope alive, and CONFRONT our limiting beliefs?

Now it is here at last…


Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

This mind-blowing masterpiece is a painstakingly prepared step-by-step coaching program that not unlocks the untold secrets of my 22-year career journey....Prepared with a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Program and packed with Result Technologies strategies, this coaching program is guaranteed to help you go from frustration to transformation, conquer the limitations that keep you stuck in your current circumstances, discover how to triumph over your inner obstacles, and much more!

This powerful course contains 16 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to total career transformation freedom. A journey of figuring out how to move past your limiting beliefs and overcome your inner obstacles to live a life of success.

A journey to the successful life you deserve.

In this life-changing course, you’ll learn:

This powerful journey could absolutely change your life.

In 30 days time, you could look back on THIS as the time when you finally realized you were capable of changing your circumstances and achieving your unstoppable dream.

To be free to build the life you truly want as a Nurse or Midwife

You could get so fast to that point of not being held back any longer and nor being discouraged because you didn’t have an in-depth understanding of how to move past your limiting beliefs, and develop the fulfilling life you were DESTINED to have as Nurse.

Believe it when I say this is your moment.

Your turning point to towards career and personal breakthrough

Your door to an exciting life free from the frustrations caused by limiting beliefs.

This is the key to the cage that has been holding you down from living the life that your Creator has specifically designed for you. You can either open the cage or throw this key away.

It’s your choice. Will you be free or chained to your pain?


Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

I spent 15 years going round in circle until I stumbled upon this Hack by intentional search. This is saving you all the pains, agony and misery I experienced from being stuck in my delimiting beliefs.

Since I became a Neuro-Linguistic and Result Technologies Expert 4 years ago, I have used this in over a hundred coaching and therapy sessions and the results have been amazing!

You could try to learn all of this on your own, but it would require hours upon hours of reading and research.

You wouldn’t have the guidance of an expert.

And you wouldn’t really know if you were making progress.

Or you could be taken by the hand and guided on this life-changing journey.

Which will it be?

The 3 Day Challenge will cover the following:




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Introduction - What’s Holding You Back?

Limiting beliefs are conscious or subconscious beliefs that hold you back in some way. They are ideas that limit you. Thoughts that keep you from reaching your full potential.This introduction gives you a preview of how each lesson will give you the tools to overcome a specific limiting belief: You’ll learn how to rewrite each limiting belief into one that empowers you, specific action steps to take, and affirmations that will help destroy the limiting belief and instill your new, empowering belief.

Limiting Belief #1: I Don’t Have Enough Time

If you’re like most people, you’re extremely busy. You feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do what really matters. You think to yourself, “If only I had more time, then I could get more things done.” This lesson shows you how to rewrite this belief into one that empowers you to get more done, with specific action steps to instill your new belief.

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Limiting Belief #2: I’m Too Old To Start Something New

Do you believe that in order to be successful, you need to start young? That you’re too old to start new things, reset your career, start a new hobby, or strive after new goals? This lesson helps you turn this negative belief into one that allows you to start something new at any age and succeed with it.

Limiting Belief #3: Past Failure Means Future Failure

You may be tempted to think, “I always fail at this so why should this time be any different? I’m just a failure overall.” This belief is damaging in so many ways. This lesson helps you to believe the reality that past failures are, in fact, merely steppingstones to success.

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Limiting Belief #4: My Past Will Always Negatively Influence My Future

With this limiting belief, you feel like your past is holding you back. Keeping you from your true potential. Standing in the way of your success. This lesson shows you how to turn that belief around and realize that your past is one of your greatest assets, instead.

Limiting Belief #5: My Resources Are Limited

This limiting belief assumes that there are only a set amount of resources and options in the world. You think to yourself, “I don’t have enough [time, money, connections, etc.] to achieve what I want to achieve.” This lesson helps you move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset and see how you can get whatever you need.

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Limiting Belief #6: Lack Of Major Progress Means Failure

Oh, how easy it is to criticize yourself for a lack of major progress on your goals. With this belief, each day you feel like a failure. In this lesson, you’ll see how small successes add up to big progress over time.

Limiting Belief #7: I Compare Myself To Others

This belief leads you to judge yourself by what others are achieving. When you compare yourself to others, you allow their achievements to determine how much joy you experience. This lesson helps you believe, “I am valuable simply because of who I am.”

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Limiting Belief #8: I Am Not Responsible For My Current Situation

It’s easy to play the blame game. To believe that someone else is responsible for the situation your find yourself currently in. When you don’t hold yourself responsible for your current circumstances, it allows you to stay stuck in those circumstances. This lesson shows you how you can get out.

Limiting Belief #9: I Don’t Deserve Success

This is a very devious, insidious limiting belief. You believe that you don’t deserve success. That you’re not good enough, smart enough, or lovable enough to be worthy of success. This belief can lead you to self-sabotage and prevent you from ever achieving anything you want. Turn this belief around with the tools in this lesson.

Limiting Belief #10: I Worry What Others Think About Me

Worrying about what others think of you can be incredibly consuming. It can sap your time, energy, and joy. The fear of what others think can be like a great weight hanging around your neck, dragging you down, keeping you from making forward progress. This lesson will help you understand that “What truly matters is what I think of myself.”

Limiting Belief #11: I Don’t Give Myself The Love, Compassion, and Understanding I Give To Others

This limiting belief makes you feel like you’re never enough - that you should be perfect - and if you’re not perfect you feel like you need to punish yourself. Your new belief, instead, is that you deserve the same grace, compassion, love, and patience that you extend to others. You learn to treat yourself with kindness.

Limiting Belief #12: I Can Do Everything Myself

In this lesson, you’ll see how your inability to ask for help is a weakness that keeps you from accomplishing as much as you could. If you teamed up with others, your combined strengths would allow you to achieve far more than you could on your own. New, empowering beliefs make it easier for you to work with others.

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Limiting Belief #13: I’m Not Smart Enough

With this belief, you feel like your supposed lack of knowledge is a handicap that keeps you from doing what you want to do. This lesson I have created helps you gain the confidence to succeed as you instill the positive belief that you can learn anything you set your mind to.

Limiting Belief #14: I’m Not Ready To Start

If you wait until everything is perfect in order to launch an idea, you’ll never launch. With this mentality, you’ll continue putting off doing anything that will get you closer to your goals. You’ll continue to suffer in mediocrity. Get started creating a life you’ll love with this lesson.

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Summary and Reflection - Go Forth and Conquer

This final lesson reviews and lets you reflect on what you’ve learned in this course. You now know how to overcome some of the most powerful limiting beliefs that hold you back. You have been given the truth, and the truth will set you free - free to start accomplishing all the glorious things you desire!


Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

How much will it take for you to enroll in this Challenge?

Normally, if this challenge were a 3-day course, my coach would charge $250 to $300 for dishing out the contents of this challenge. And for spending almost putting everything, my brains, expertise, experience and lessons from the last 22 years of my career, the contents of this challenge is estimated to worth $199.

But today, you’re not going to get access to this entire life-changing program for $199.

No, not even for $99!

And you know what? I am not even joining this life changing challenge out for $19…..

I am giving it out for ONLY $5!

Yes you heard me right!


Wait! I know the big question on your mind: WHY WOULD I GIVE SUCH MASSIVE VALUE AWAY FOR $5?

What on earth is wrong with me?

Recently, I got involved in a FUND RAISING project to support young African Nurses and Midwives who are facing the dilemma of dropping out of school because they can not afford school fees. Young student Nurses for that matter..

I vividly remember how I faced the exact dilemma about 22 years when I almost dropped out of school because I could not afford the final exam fees. If only I knew what I know back then, I wouldn’t be so powerless as I was then.

As my friends and I are trying to help these young Nurses who are economically disadvantaged and stranded…


I want this challenge to empower 1,000 Nurses and Midwives within the next 30 days and a chunk of the $5 generated for this challenge goes into helping these young Nurses avert the same traumatic dilemma that I battled with for years as a young Nurse.

And don’t forget, for just $5 dollar…

You’ll get the entire “Crushing Limiting Beliefs” system plus amazing bonuses :

Apart from the above, you will also get:

ALL FOR JUST a token of $5!

Finally, if you sign up to this life you’re going to...

Isn’t it time to embrace the happy life you deserve as Nurse and Midwife?

To enjoy the freedom you know you deserve?

The choice is yours.


Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites for this course. It’s open to ALL NURSES and MIDWIVES around the world who wants to live a more successful, fulfilled, empowered life.

Your success in this course depends on your ability to put the information into action.

The information is simple, but understanding the information isn’t enough. The application of the information is what matters in the end.

This course is geared toward ALL NURSES and MIDWIVES around the world who are tired of being held back by their limiting beliefs and want to create the life of their dreams.

Anyone that wants to learn how to be a more effective version of themselves will benefit from this course.

Remember, for only $9, you’re getting…

Will this actually work? Yes, it absolutely will.

In fact, I’m willing to GUARANTEE it. If you take action on the materials and don’t find yourself overcoming your limiting beliefs, I’ll refund your money.

This 30-day action-takers guarantee ENSURES that all the risk is on me. If these materials don’t empower you to take control of your situation, I’ll refund your money.

It’s ALL reward, NO risk.

Your new life of freedom and accomplishment is waiting for you!

You can finally look forward to a brighter future.

You can have the success YOU deserve.


Crush All the Limiting Beliefs in Your Life Right Now and Unleash Your Inner Power as a Nurse!

If you have any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help.

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